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August 21, 2022
National Cattle Congress
DERBY (4 YR OLDS) Open click to print            top of the page
horse rider owner score earn pts
Lightz Down Low Bob Janssen Janssen Performance Horses   75   1,127.36      
Stunned Twice Ryan Moore Pat Leach   74   845.52      
Twisted Metal (p) Ryan Moore Jenny Young   73.5   563.68      
Tallic Tuff J P Bell Wildfire Farms   73   281.84      
Rebel Reyzor Ryan Moore Larry Grimes   72.5   0.00      
Utah Ray J Lipsey Donald lll& Coleen Pegler   72   0.00      
Pink Flloyd J P Bell Dylan Schauer   72   0.00      
Dont Stopp Sneakin Grant A Daniel Larry Thompson   71   0.00      
Reycin Rebel Luke Barnhart Jason B Reed   0   0.00      
Reyzed Country Ryan Moore Lon Goff   0   0.00      
Sparkling Wine Bob Janssen Margaret Mehle   0   0.00      
Smooth Snuggy Ray J Lipsey Don Smith   0   0.00      
Dual Shiney Rey Grant A Daniel Daniel Stahl   0   0.00      
Clg Hy Flyin Boon Luke Barnhart Wayne Gunderson   0   0.00      
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