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August 21, 2021
National Cattle Congress
CLASSIC (5/6 YR OLDS) Open click to print            top of the page
horse rider owner score earn pts
Gettin Hott In Here Ryan Moore Ryan Moore   149.5   895.20      
Im Not Blu Ryan Moore SHADOW B RANCH   148.5   746.00      
Kattie Smalls J P Bell Justin Retterath   147   596.80      
Hugs N Hisses J P Bell Brian Cottrell   146   373.00      
Lil Sneakin Metallic Grant A Daniel Larry Thompson   146   373.00      
High Class Hottie Luke Barnhart Jim Whitcher   145   0.00      
Mia Metallic Andrew Hinck-larsen Pamela T Riebock   143   0.00      
Tr Bay Watch Bret Parsons Robert W Parsons   142.5   0.00      
Sweet Sugar Kit Bob Janssen Margaret Mehle   142   0.00      
A Reygyn Ich Ray J Lipsey Raymond Lipsey   141   0.00      
Looking Awesome J P Bell Calvin Kobluk   141   0.00      
Shiny Aristocrat Andrew Hinck-larsen Bruce Muegge   138   0.00      
Once In My Lyfetime Luke Barnhart Ann Heimbach   120   0.00      
Oh Cay Shorty Pants Andrew Hinck-larsen Patty Frerichs   120   0.00      
Lhr Ichi Time Ashley Baxstrom Jlm Land And Livestock   60   0.00      
Royal Sadie Belle Luke Barnhart Kim A Shepperd   0   0.00      
Playtonium Ryan Moore Paul Higginbottom   0   0.00      
Lil Jackson Suen Ray J Lipsey Raymond Lipsey   0   0.00      
CLASSIC (5/6 YR OLDS) Non-Professional click to print            top of the page
horse rider owner score earn pts
Paradox Blue Rey Michael Schreck Michael Schreck   147   784.81      
Dakota Dunes Jack Bell Jack Bell   146   551.03      
Jasmin Blu Barbara Himsel Barbara Himsel   144   333.96      
Tashas Check Book Bret Parsons Bret Parsons   143.5   0.00      
Mr Wick Deb Watts Deb Watts   141   0.00      
Once In My Lyfetime Ann Heimbach Ann Heimbach   139   0.00      
Cd Sugarbritches Travis Grover Travis Grover   136   0.00      
This Spots To Hot Sherri L Steffens Sherri L Steffens   128   0.00      
A Reygyn Ich Brenda Lipsey Raymond Lipsey   124   0.00      
Minty Sweet Jocelynne Wolter Jocelynne Wolter   0   0.00      
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