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Show Results...
One Day Kick Off Show
February 15, 2020
Miller Cutting Horses
DERBY (4 YR OLDS) Open click to print            top of the page
horse rider owner score earn pts
Quick Dual Cat Todd Randles Eric & Rebecca Waters   73   694.08      
Blue Metallic Curls James Davis Kelly Troyer   71   520.56      
Loreyder Nathan Miller Kirby K Smith   69   347.04      
Shesa Ruby Cat Robin Hayes Gregory Ranches LLC   68   173.52      
Reys Of Hope Todd Randles Rob Hayes   60   0.00      
Metallic Tyme Nathan Miller J D Morgan   60   0.00      
Rocking Too Suen Nathan Miller Andy & Kendra Bylo   60   0.00      
Curly Girly Cat Garth Bullis Cleon Parkin   60   0.00      
Metal Pipe James Davis Rick Croft   60   0.00      
Deadpool Todd Randles Eric & Rebecca Waters   0   0.00      
Sweet Lil Kodo Mc James Davis B F MCCRAY JR   0   0.00      
Hey Hey Bob Robin Hayes Jerry Gregory   0   0.00      
Dual N With A Gun Robin Hayes Jerry Gregory   0   0.00      
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